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As of 6:35pm (MST) our email server is back online with no email lost! We will still be moving to our new email server, but I think we'll wait until things calm down a bit until we actually make the move (unless we start having other server issues). We will definitely let everyone know when that will happen with an email and a notification here on our webpage. Thank you all for being patient during this time! - 1/4/18 6:55pm (MST)

We are still working on the hard drive failure, but it seems to be almost complete. We should be back up and running within 1 hour! - 1/4/18 6:05pm (MST)

We had to take the server offline at 11am (MST) to do an emergency backup of a failing hard drive. The email server could be down for 3-4 hours while this process is working. Again, please be patient with us as we're working as fast and as careful as we can so no email gets lost. For now, please use an alternate email address for your personal and business communications and we'll keep you updated here as often as possible. - 1/4/18 12:11pm (MST)

We are undergoing an emergency email server transition to a newer system. WHC Customers, please check your email for more information. 1/3/18 10:38pm

- WHC System Operations

Call Customer Service & Technical Support locally at (915) 584-6630 or toll-free at (877) 521-2136 or email us at: support@whc.net.

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