Apple Internet Connection Kit Setup

Information about the Apple Internet Dialer
The Apple Internet Connection Kit uses the Apple Internet Dialer to setup a PPP connection. The user simply opens the Apple Internet Dialer, configures a window, and then selects a menu item which brings up a series of windows which ask several queries. These Apple Internet Dialer then configures the TCP/IP and ConfigPPP panels for the user.

The Dialer
To use the Apple Internet Dialer, install the software from the CD-ROM; then open the folder 'Apple Internet Connection Kit'. Open the Apple Internet Dialer, and configure the following fields:


  • Phone Number: Choose your local number here
    (return to this page using your browser's back button)
  • Port: Modem Port
  • Modem: Select your Modem from the Drop-down menu
  • Dial: The appropriate button for your type of dialing

Setup your Account
Then click on the selection 'Provider' on the menubar. Scroll down the menu that appears to "Define provider information". This brings up a series of screens that ask for the following information:


Here, for login enter the username you chose when you setup your account instead of 'username'. Also, the phone number should be the same from earlier.


  • NNTP host is ''
  • The SMTP Host is ''
  • The POP Host is ''
  • Enter Domain Name as ''
  • The Primary DNS is ''
  • The Secondary DNS is ''


Leave the Connection Scripts blank and click 'OK'. You are ready to connect! All you have to do to connect is open a TCP/IP application, such as Netscape Navigator, or click on the button 'Connect' in the Apple Internet Dialer Screen.

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